Blogging the Satipaṭṭhāna

20 Satipatthana

1. Body (Kāyā)
* Breathing (also see the Anapanasati Sutta)
* Postures (Walking, Standing, Sitting, Lying Down)
* Clear Comprehending
* Reflections on Repulsiveness of the Body
* Reflections on Material Elements
* Cemetery Contemplations
2. Sensations/Feelings (Vedanā)
* pleasant or unpleasant or neither-pleasant-nor-unpleasant (neutral) feelings
* worldly or spiritual feelings
3. Mind/Consciousness (Cittā)[11]
* lust (sarāgaṃ) or without lust (vītarāgaṃ)
* hate (sadosaṃ) or without hate (vītadosaṃ)
* delusion (samohaṃ) or without delusion (vītamohaṃ)
* contracted (saṅkhittaṃ) or scattered (vikkhittaṃ)
* lofty (mahaggataṃ) or not lofty (amahaggataṃ)[12]
* surpassable (sa-uttaraṃ) or unsurpassed (anuttaraṃ)[13]
* quieted (samāhitaṃ) or not quieted (asamāhitaṃ)
* released (vimuttaṃ) or not released (avimuttaṃ)
4. Mental Contents (Dhammā)[14]
* The Hindrances
* The Aggregates of Clinging
* The Sense-Bases and their Fetters
* The Factors of Enlightenment
* The Four Noble Truths



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